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Message Or Banner Marketing In 48 Hours!
We Accept Opening Orders For Little As 10 (targets) Home or Business Addresses!

The efficiency and accuracy of new breed of IP Targeting provides end-users with the more enjoyable web surfing experience. With IP Targeting, serving up ads that would interest visitors and can be served to a Physical Home-Based IP Address or Physical Business-Based IP Address and at a time that's productive. It is far beyond old fashion "Cookies" and far beyond "IP Zone" marketing.
IP Targeting, it's true audience segmentation at its finest.
See IP Targeting in action with as little as 10 targets. Campaign starts in 48 hours!

Key Benefits For Client

  • No Waste. Reach only your non-subscribers…100% of the time.
  • Specific Targeting. IP is the web entry point, so we can target homes.
  • Unique Measurement. Using our match-back analysis we can provide a highly accurate measurement of sales effectiveness.
  • Granular Messaging. Segment people based on interest, demography or other attributes to target them more effectively.
  • No cookies! IP addresses are stored on ad server, so cookie deletion does not affect program.

  • Incorporating New Targeting Algorithms has taken the direct marketing model and moved it online by referencing a customer's physical address and converting it to an IP address. We do this by using a proprietary data set and a system of hightly complex algorithms

  • Driving Offline Data Online

    The unique geo-location technology produces a highly accurate customer profile which allows you to place advertisements directly on an individual computer by utilizing ONLY that individual's home/business address. As the only company focused on discretely connecting IP addresses, we can surgically target your audience on a granular level never seen before.

  • Delivering A Direct Path To A Target

    How granular does get? We can show online advertisements to a single, solitary household based on physical mailing address. Not only that, you can target individual neighborhoods, block levels, census tract groups, or blanket regions even as wide as an entire zip code.

  • Reaching Your Base, Privacy Safe

    Our goal is to allow advetisers to reach their intended online customer base for pennies on the dollar with surgical accuracy - all without the use of cookies - and at the exact time of their choosing. This is done in a privacy-sensitive manner, by assigning a unique privacy ID to each target to prevent individual computers from being personally identified.

  • Improving Marketing Campaign Performance Measurements

    What outcomes can you expect? Advertisers can access our reporting system at any time where they have current stats with respect to exposure, click, and conversions to monitor their success.